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228 West Polk • West Memphis

Civic Auditorium

Civic Auditorium

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For Booking Information contact: 
Kimberly Hamilton
Facilities Director


Host your play, musical, dance event, or concert in the recently renovated West Memphis Civic Auditorium.  With seating for over 1000, the Auditorium is one of the largest and most technically-advanced medium-venue locations in the Memphis area.  If you just want to enjoy yourself, the Auditorium is home to 2 theatre groups and hosts concerts and dance events throughout the year!


Full stage lighting and stereo sound

Large stagedoor accommodations

Concessions including Beer and Wine Service Available. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed (No Exceptions).

Fully ADA compliant

Free Civic Complex parking

Conveniently located close to many restaurants


Seating capacity: 1031 with ADA-compliant accommodations
Stagedoor Seating Capacity: approx 30 to 70 depending on set design and needs

Parking: Ample parking is available in the Civic Complex parking area behind the Eugene Woods Civic Center to the east of the Auditorium



NOTICE: All equipment listed in this information packet is property of the City of West Memphis, and is rented on a need basis.  Certain pieces of equipment may or may not be available for your event, due to availability, on-site supervision or liability.  The West Memphis Civic Auditorium reserves the right to prohibit usage of Auditorium equipment on a case-by-case basis. All equipment is rented for use of renter at their own risk, and if broken or rendered inoperative such as repair is needed, the lessee will be charged a replacement rate for rented equipment.

   West Memphis Civic Auditorium Seating Chart
Civic Auditorium Seating Chart
  West Memphis Civic Auditorium Technical Information
Stage Dimensions

Console/Control:    ETC Express 48/96


·        192 total channels; 96 in fader control

·        24 submasters per page

·        Preset-style operation

·        600 cues

·        500 groups

·        X/Y Trackpad

·        2 timed/manual fader pairs

·        MIDI, ETCNet, and ETCLink support

·        VGA LCD panel for monitoring

·        All house dimmers on DMX A

Strand Lighting Outlook Master Panel off DSR

·        6 manual/9 virtual faders

·        8 scene presets

·        Independent of ETC Console

·        Manual Master

·        Preset fade timer

DMX connection available off DSR

Dimming:      Strand Lighting C21 Rack System (2)

·        Dual Rack system with Dual Processors

·        ShowNet compatible

·        123  Strand #76562 2.4 kW Basic 20A dimmers swappable with:

·        6  Strand #76565 2.4 kW Constant 20A

·        6  Strand #76572 2.4 kW Sinewave 20A

Fixtures:        All ETC with 3 onstage battens and 2 FOH catwalks

·        40 Source Four PARnels

·        5 Source Four 26-degree

·        14 Source Four 36-degree

·        6 Source Four 10-degree

·        30 Source Four 19-degree

One Lycian Midget 2k Follow Spot


Main Console: Midas Venice 320 32x4

EV Line Array system

·        Six EV XLC 127+

·        Four XC 118 sub

House PA/Monitor (70v)

·        Four EV Evid 4.2t

·        Four Altec Ceiling Monitors


·        Two Yamaha S1151v floor monitors (4 if available)

·        Two EV SV 500


·        4 EV CP3000s  (Line Array)

·        1 Crown PA 1160a (70v)

·        1 Crown CE2000 (Monitor)

·        1 EV CP3000 (Sub/Monitor)


·        2 EV RPU-2 Belt Packs with RE-97TX micro Headworn Mics or OLM-10 Lapels

·        2 EV HTU2 Pro Handheld Transmitters w/ ND 767a heads


·        American Audio MCD 810 2 CD deck with MP3 playback

·        Tascam CD A500 Tape/CD combo deck

·        Tascam MD30MKII MD

·        Sony Vaio playback

Processing by Alesis, dBx and EV.
Williams PA-2 FM Hearing Assistance devices available at concessions.
Main Console Crib sheet available for planning.


Special Sound:


·        Crown CE 2000 Amplifier

·        Tascam CD A500 CD/Tape Deck

·        Furman 4-channel Rack Mixer

·        2 EV SV-500


·        2 Crown CE 2000 Amplifiers

·        dBx DriveRack PA

·        Tascam CD A500 CD/Tape Deck

·        Mackie 1202VLZ or in very special needs 1602

·        2 EV SV 500

·        2 EV Force I Sub


Breakout box available DSR for special needs

Packages may be modified as to need.  Check with Management before making any modification!

7’ Yamaha Grand available refurbished 6/2007, tuned every 6 months.

4x8 risers available 5 @ 8”, 5 @ 16”, and 5 @ 24”


·        2 NEC MT-1060 LCD Projectors output one program signal to 2 30’ east/west projection screens


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the complexity of equipment, all technical/stage crew personnel must be trained on equipment used at the auditorium and MUST BE CERTIFIED BY STAFF.  NON-CERTIFIED PERSONNEL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE EQUIPMENT AT THE AUDITORIUM.  Staff will offer certification training sessions and will maintain a list of certified personnel on site.


West Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau


228 W. Polk Avenue



The City of West Memphis does not give up the right to stage any event.


Normal business hours are from 8:00 A.M. until 12:00P.M. and 1:00P.M. until 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.  The building is available for rent until 10:00 P.M. Sunday through Thursday and on weekends (Friday & Saturday) until 12:00 A.M. 


The building shall not be available to the public on the following days: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day or any weekend connected to these holidays.  Holidays and holiday weekends begin at 5:00 p.m. preceding a holiday and ends at 8:00 a.m. on the day after. 


All Auditorium rental fees must be paid by cash, check or credit/debit only (NO MONEY ORDERS).  


Time changes on contracts should be made (2 weeks) prior to the event date to allow time for security staffing or the event will be cancelled. 


Failure to vacate the rented area by the time specified on the contract shall result in a 1/2 of the original charge. 


No event shall take place without a signed contract.  No contract shall be entered into with a minor.


Beer and Wine Service Available. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed (No Exceptions).


No smoking, fires or pyrotechnics allowed inside the Auditorium.


No littering. Trash cans are provided.


No equipment is to be moved from its proper location without permission.


No gum allowed inside the Auditorium.  No confetti allowed inside the Auditorium.


No tape of any kind is allowed on any non-set surface.  Gaffer's tape or spike tape is permitted.    


Failure to pay balance by due date will result in forfeiture of security deposit.


No sublease of any portion of the building.  No doors are to be propped open.


No alteration to any building mechanical or electrical equipment. 


No holes are to be drilled into the stage floor without prior staff approval. 

No event shall be allowed that would be deemed unsuitable, questionable or of an improper nature for the general public.  The management reserves the right through its staff to eject any objectionable person or persons from the Auditorium.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        We reserve the right to ask any Lessee to provide security officers (at their expense). (Security will only be provided by WMPD).


No weapons (except for security agents) will be allowed on the premises.  The staff reserves the right to require metal detection devices to be used for any event.  The Lessee will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements for this service with the proper officials if required. 


Any disturbances related to an event, being held at the Auditorium that jeopardizes the safety of patrons may result in immediate termination of the event (without refund) and/or future denial of rentals. 


Additional Rules for Minors:

No event (for example, Dances, Parties, Talent Shows, etc.) of persons under 21 will be allowed without required adult supervision:

Mandatory Security - number of officers, rate and timespan to be determined by the West Memphis Police   Department. (Non-negotiable) 


All events for minors (for example, Dances, Parties, Talent Shows, etc.) shall be over and Auditorium

Property vacated by 11:00 p.m.

No minors will be allowed in the building unsupervised.  This includes the time before and after events. 


No sponsor should leave the Auditorium until all minors have been picked up.  Please make prior arrangements to ensure that the building will be vacated in a timely fashion and that no minors will be left on premises unattended. 


All trash is to be taken outside and placed in the dumpster by the lessee.  Liners are provided in all trash receptacles in the building. 




Please be advised that in order to maintain equipment in best order at the Civic Auditorium certain guidelines and rules must be followed with no exceptions. When planning sets remember:

1.     Sound equipment and their rental costs are available from the office.  Sound equipment can only be placed after the set work is finished.  Sound operation is only authorized to trained & authorized persons.

2.     Lighting should only be placed after set installation.  While some media is available for your use, you are responsible for your own colorization.

3.     We strongly urge that set design and all technical planning be discussed with Auditorium Technical while plays are in the development stage.

4.     Nothing is to be stapled, glued, taped, nailed or screwed into any curtain, nor are you to alter the natural drop line of any curtain.

5.     Anything loaned to any group is to be returned in the same condition it was loaned in.  Anything broken is to be charged at replacement cost.

6.     In the case of batteries for any loaned equipment, batteries are the theatre group’s responsibility.  We suggest that only high grade quality batteries be used for best results.  Use care in putting batteries into equipment, as switched placement can burn the device up.

7.     In all cases the house is to be returned at the end of the final performance.  This means all equipment goes back to the office in working order, all lighting is to be returned to a simple wash, all drops and fly pieces that have been brought in by the group are to be taken down and balance restored to the line, and all sound equipment and headsets are to be taken to the office.

8.      These and all other rules are to be followed in order to keep the building in best possible running condition.



1.     No one is to bring any food or drink into the theatre except for the dressing rooms or lobby.

2.     Lights shall remain on in the large hall during the program.

3.     Adult leaders of the sponsor must remain on site until all patrons and guests have left the premises. 


PLEASE NOTE: The stage must be restored to its standard stage plot (as defined by Auditorium Technical) at the end of every event, unless otherwise approved by Auditorium Technical Director.



For Technical Information contact:

Joe Akers

Technical Director

West Memphis Civic Complex

228 West Polk Avenue

West Memphis, AR 72301


For Booking Information contact: 
Kimberly Hamilton
Facilities Director
West Memphis Civic Complex
212 West Polk Avenue
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